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→ Normally used in the very #early stages of a #start-up (eg. prior to the first larger equity financing round or as a bridge financing prior to a further financing round).

When is the loan convertible?

Conversion events can either relate to an actual…

Sunday morning coffee log

When thinking of entrepreneurship, we usually think of it as a business activity that has the potential to make money. This may be true, but there are many other ways of thinking about entrepreneurship.

One way is to see entrepreneurship as a means of social change and development. This is what Muhammad Yunus did when he developed his microcredit approach in Bangladesh. With his Grameen Bank he gave poor people the opportunity to take loans that they could not get from traditional banks because they had no collateral or proper business plans (or even credit history). By giving them small…

#Startup #EarlyStage

About me

French-Italian, currently based in Vienna, Austria — currently working for a Munich-based VC fund while pursuing an MBA.

💛 Fascinated by trends that shape our future and what make companies and founders successful.

🚀 Spent the last year helping build a Vienna based Venture Capital fund focused on digital health.

💉 Before that I worked in Pharma as IR manager for a company that went public on NASDAQ.

🪰 Originally, I´m a Food Security type of gal — the kind to set up an insect farm in Africa and to have edible insects in my kitchen.

🤼‍♀️ Love adventures so…

What are the important characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?

Dream — Entrepreneurs have a vision and the ability to implement their dreams

Decisiveness — They make decisions swiftly, their swiftness is a key factor in their success.

Doers — Once they decide on a course of action, they implement it as quickly as possible.

Determination — They implement their ventures with total commitment.

Dedication — They are totally dedicated and work tirelessly.

Devotion — Entrepreneurs love what they do.

Details — The entrepreneur must be on top of critical details.

Destiny — They want to be in charge of their own destiny.

Dollars — Getting rich is not the prime motivator, but the measure of success is.

Distribute — Entrepreneurs distribute ownership of the business with key employees.

Founders supporting founders finding calm during the storm. Marine, Investment Manager, describes Calm/Storm’s Academy and its unfair advantage.

What is the Academy?

The Academy is a place where founders openly talk about their failures, share what they would have done differently, and what they have learned along the way. A safe place of truth and honesty where founders can stay in no-pitching mode.

When we invest in a company, we are actually investing in the founders of the company. We call them our “Portfolio Founders”. They become part of the Academy that is run by Calm/Storm’s network of experienced entrepreneurs, whom we refer to…

Dear Founders, Investors & Supporters!

The COVID-19 outbreak profoundly changed some of the core attitudes that framed our daily lives. And it is clear now that this might take a while and that some things might never come back at all.

Yes, it’s scary not only the virus but also to redefine your way and jump into the unknown. For sailors and entrepreneurs alike, however, this is routine: to adapt faster. to steer through the changing winds. to take opportunities. to envision something greater for our future. to be happier. to work more productively.

Let’s use this time to do…

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”― George Bernard Shaw

Allegro: Investing in a bad economy

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing. At least that’s what I think. I am currently Associate for a VC firm and absolutely love what I do. …

Marine Popoff

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